Boat Pose in Yoga for Beginners, Benefits

Navasana Begin seated with knees bent. Bring arms out straight in front near knees. Use stomach muscles to draw legs in and up. Extend legs out for full position. Benefits Strengthens abdominals. Improves digestion. Tones kidneys. What it looks like A boat with oars, the letter V, a bowl of soup, a train.

Child’s Pose Yoga Position, Benefits

CHILD’S POSE Balasana Chair Pose Have child spread knees and extend arms forward in front of them. Also may move arms to the sides. Benefits A good resting pose. Good for the lower back. What it looks like A ball, somebody praying, begging, sleeping.

Bridge Pose Yoga for Pregnancy & Benefit, Position

Setu bandha sharvangasana Bridge Pose Begin lying on back. Bend knees and bring feet toward buttocks. Press hips up. Walk shoulder blades underneath and then clasp hands. Not all children will be able to clasp hands. Keep inner thighs moving toward each other and tuck the tailbone. Benefits Opens the chest and upper back. Develops the buttocks.

Seated Forward Bend Yoga Poses, Paschimottanasana, Benefits, Pregnancy, Contraindications

Paschimotanasana Sit on floor with legs extended. Activate legs and inner thighs. Bow forward and touch toes. Seated Forward Bend Seated Twist Benefits Tones the abdominal organs, kidneys and is good for the spine. Lengthens hamstrings. What it looks like A flower getting ready to bloom, a shy animal.  

Lion Pose Yoga Benefits, Exercise, Asana

Simhasana Reclining Hero Pose Start in child’s pose, balasana, with arms and hands extended. Then press forward and let face go wild. Squish it up. Roar like a lion! Lion Pose Benefits Good for the speech and stammers. Releases tension in the face, jaw and body. Revives expression. What it looks like A lion, an alien, monsters, giant squids, dragons, witches.

Forward Bend Yoga Pose for Back pain & Benefits, Posture

Uttanasana Feet fist–width apart, bending over at the hips and hands touching the floor. Make feet, ankles, knees and legs strong. Benefits Forward Bend Good for concentration, removing fatigue. Good for stomach, liver, kidneys and heart. Stretches the hamstrings. What it looks like A folding chair, a sleeping praying mantis.

Fish Pose Yoga for Thyroid, Nausea, Kids & Benefits, Postures

Matsyasana Sit on hands, preferably palms facing down. Legs are extended. Drop elbows down to floor and arch back. Slide back enough so that head will touch the floor. Benefits Good for the abdominal organs. What it looks like A fish, a sleeping mermaid.

Camel Pose Yoga for Pregnancy & Benefits, Asana, Position

Ustrasana Kneeling with toes curved under or flat on the floor, place hands on hips. Extend and lift the spine as you arch the back. Drop the hands back onto the heels, press the hips forward, tuck tailbone. Benefits Develops hamstrings and inner thighs. Calms the mind and removes fatigue. Removes stiffness in neck and shoulders. What it looks like Camel Pose A tunnel, a mountain, going down a well to fetch water, any pose when a heart–opening realization occurs.