1. Vaastu is a science of structures .It deals with the impact of various directional energies on a building when it is built and completed. The building which comes in the way of a free flow of directional forces creates an
atmosphere inside it which is different from what prevails outside.
2. Each directional force is in dynamic balance. It is made up of a positive half and a negative half which have equal potential but opposite in characteristics just like that of a bar magnet with two poles of equal strength but opposite characteristics at either ends.
Understanding the nature of the various directional forces helps us to build a structure with an atmosphere more healthy and protective than what is present in the open.
3. Vaastu has nothing to with religion, one’s beliefs in God, rituals or astrology.
4. How to use the directional forces surrounding a building so as to create an unusually beneficial atmosphere inside the building is the science of vaastu.

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