Some types of energies need a surface to flow. For example water. Although it flows through gravitational force it needs a surface to move. The surface is earth or a pipe. Similarly for a directional force to move a surface is essential. The surface of the earth helps these forces to move. Because of this quality of directional force, windows neither harm nor help the directional forces as they cannot enter through a window. Thus one can keep any number of windows without worrying the force beneath it is positive … Continue reading


The forces which come from the following directions are bad. 1. North of Northwest 2. West of Southwest 3. South of Southwest 4. East of Southeast 5. Negative North 6. Negative East 7. Negative South 8. Negative West Thus there are eight positive forces and eight negative forces. The combination of both positive and negative forces releases an harmonious atmosphere over the surface of the earth as explained in the foregoing.


The forces which come from the following directions are positive. In other words they are helpful forces which can bring health and happiness. 1. North of Northeast 2. East of Northeast 3. West of Northwest 4. South of Southeast 5. Positive North 6. Positive East 7. Positive South 8. Positive West

About Vaastu Defects & Correction

Chapter No.l which gives a brief outline of vaastu will have given you a rough idea about the benefits of vaastu. Let us now understand why vaastu goes wrong and brings misery and financial loss to our lives. Now let us understand more about directional forces. Basically vaastu is all about directional forces. There are four cardinal directions namely North, South, East and West. There are four corner directions which are 1. Northeast 2. Northwest 3. Southeast 4. Southwest. These directions are further subdivided as under. Each cardinal direction is … Continue reading


1. Projected Southeast in a building towards East; Fire accidents .surgery 2. Pro ected Northwest in North; Financial loss/ divorce/litigation 3. Missing Northeast; No progress ,No progeny 4. Projected Southwest towards Wes; Premature death of husband 5. Projected South of Southwest; death of wife 6. Toilet in Northeast; never ending financial problems 7. Toilet in Southwest; financial drain. 8. Level of North high ; efforts fail. 9. Level of East high; education of kids suffer. That should be enough to start with. All you have to do is to study … Continue reading


But my statement would not be enough .You need solid proof. Unlike other Para normal matters where hard proof or verification is difficult to come by one can easily verify the principles of vaastu easily. Here I will enumerate the problems that arise when defects are present in a building. The purpose for which a particular building is used is not important. The effect always follows. All you need to do is to check whether the statements are true. We are aware that the world’s two largest killers are CANCER … Continue reading


Vaastu is being practiced in more than 80% of the buildings in modern India .1 myself have been associated in the planning of countless buildings all over India and USA., Switzerland, France, Singapore, Malaysia and Srilanka. 1 have not come across a single instance where the owners have failed to reap the benefits of vaastu.


1.More open area in North & East. 2. Less open area in South & West 3. Level in North & East to be lower 4. Levels in South & West to be higher than door level 5. Water body in Northeast 6. Kitchen in Southeast 7. Bed rooms in West & South 8. Master Bed Room in southwest 9. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room 10. Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner 11. A door in Northeast is mandatory 12. Another door can come in any other … Continue reading