This plate is especially suited for young couples looking for more vitality, martial happiness and children. Hang it towards your feet in the bed room. The symbol represents the male sperm and the female egg, an energy symbol of cosmic creation. Price : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8” (Approx) Thickness:: About 8 mm Weight : 300 Gms


Place the symbol right opposite to your main door on the wall. Another best way to use is to hang it near the Northeast corner where you can easily see it. You will find a real difference in your energy levels and things start looking brighter in your life. PRICE : Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage. SIZE : 8″ x 8*(Approx) Thickness : 8 mm (approx) Weight : 300 Gms


The Swastika symbol has been a subject of study for several years by the energy scientists. According to one estimate the Swastika is capable of releasing over a million Bovis units of energy where as the human potential is only 6500 Bovis. Hence it can be a great source of energy at home. It is commonly seen in front of the houses and temples. It is written more to fulfill an ancient tradition but it is important to remember that the symbol is one of the most energetic one given … Continue reading


These are to be used before laying the flooring. The energy plate is about 8 inches x 8 inches x 10mm thick. It consists of two plastic plates between which an energy pad is moulded. It is sealed all round with aluminum foil. After the base is prepared for laying the tile or granite flooring, place one plate in each corner of every room. Thus each room needs four plates. Here only bed rooms and living are to be considered. It is not required in kitchen (unless it is in … Continue reading


Fengshui gadgets have been there for hundreds of years. But they have not solved the problem of one and all. We need a new class of gadgets which can release energy by processes which are different to Fengshui gadgets. Today we can work with materials like gem stones, crystals ,pyramid crystals, magnetic materials, precious metal powders etc which are capable of releasing a continuous, beneficial energy irrespective of who handles it. In other words they are immune to such effects. Further they can release a strong field that are heads … Continue reading


They are considered as the world’s most loyal male-female pair. They never change their partner and always remain absolutely loyal to their spouse. When one of them dies, the other refuses to cohabit with any other bird and invites death. The placement of the pair in a bed room is believed to bring harmony into the lives of married couples whose relationship may be under strain. But you may say’ I never knew about them. How keeping those in the room will help’. That is where according to Chinese the … Continue reading


Even experts in psychology believe that watching the movements of a fish in a fish tank can be very soothing and is an anti dote to mentally stressed. This is because they are never in a hurry and gently move with grace from one point to other. This unhurried, relaxed movement somehow transmits itself to a soothing vibration telling us to slow down and relax. Hence the popularity of fish tank in house holds.


Man has always sought help from the unknown as he is aware that the unknown plays a very important part in bestowing him, health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. In his quest to get the blessings of this super power he has invented several devices. Yantras, Mantras, Homas, Yagnas, Symbols , Talismans etc have always been used all through the ages in different countries and cultures to realize one’s wish. There is enough evidence to suggest that these are not all that ineffective. There are people w’ho vouch for the efficacy … Continue reading


However an entry of a positive force in itself does not mean that the occupants get all the benefits. It is necessary that all the vaastu ruies with reference to placement of different utilities like bed rooms, kitchens, toilets etc are incorporated as per vaastu. Only then there is a chance to get the benefits. Even if all vaastu norms are followed, because of the lack of all positive components of every directional force the house may not yield the best benefits and there may be some areas where improvements … Continue reading