Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra – 26° 40′ Sagittarius to 10° 00’ Capricorn

The twenty-first nakshatra is Uttara Ashadha, consisting of two stars in the breast of the Archer. Uttara Ashadha has one pada in Sagittarius and three in Capricorn. Ruled by the Sun, its symbol is an elephant’s tusk, reflecting Ganesha’s blessing on our activities. Another symbol is the planks of a bed, which symbolize the securing of rest and peace. Called the “universal star,” this asterism reflects deep humanitarian concern and fairness to all races. Abraham Lincoln had his natal Moon in this nakshatra.

Uttara Ashadha is ruled by the Universal Gods or Vishvadevas. These deities are the ten Vishvadevas, the sons of the god Dharma. The deities include Vasu (goodness), Satya (truth), Kratru (will-power), Daksha (ritual skill), Kala (time), •Kama (desire), Dhriti (forbearance), Kuru (ancestors), Pururavas (abundance), and Madrava (joy). Their power is to grant an unchallengeable victory (apradhrisya shako).1 The asterism’s primary motivation is moksha or spiritual liberation. Its natives enjoy being involved on a quest for the spiritual unknown.

Uttara Ashadha produces great insight and a more stable and less aggressive nature than the previous nakshatra, Purva Ashadha. Uttara Ashadha people get totally involved in any task and can penetrate deeply into some aspect of knowledge. They are usually blessed with affluence in life. Leadership qualities and and the ability to relate to people make them good politicians. They can show a dogged persistence to succeed with any task they encounter. Uttara Ashadha represents the completely integrated manifestation of god-like power. Uttara Ashadha brings us to the summit of our power, support and recognition, not so much through our personal efforts (which is more the case in Jyeshtha), but with the appropriate alliances

and support of all the gods. Its natives are usually very idealistic people with lofty goals and refined virtues. Victory depends on a righteous cause that is beneficial to all.

The shadow side of Uttara Ashadha can be a Type A personality that is constantly active. The opposite effect of laziness can also occur. Uttara Ashadha people need to feel fully engaged in a project or apathy can result. They can start new enterprises and then fail to complete them. A self-centered, stubborn personality can occur when Uttara Ashadha is afflicted.

The Capricorn side of this asterism can result in loneliness or a melancholy nature if Saturn is poorly placed. Uttara Ashadha means “the latter unconquered” or “later victory” which may reflect losses in early life and more success as life progresses. These people need to leam the quality of patience in confronting early adversity in life. The animal symbol is a male mongoose. This is the only nakshatra that does not have a female animal counterpart. Some difficulties in early marriage or sexual incompatibility may result.

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