Turquoise gemstone healing properties

turquoise gemstone healing properties

Crystal system: Triclinic.

Cell salt: Hydrous basic phosphate of copper and aluminium, with some iron.

Colour: Sky blue, blue-green, apple-green, pale green and streak white.

Energy: Magnetic.

Element: Earth and air.

Planet/sign: Venus-Neptune/Libra.

Uses: Native Americans from New Mexico and Arizona carve Turquoise into animal shapes such as frogs, birds, squirrels, bears, coyotes and even porpoises and whales. The fetishes are usually strung together on a necklace and worn as a protective amulet. Turquoise is also a strong talisman for the hunter. A Turquoise tied to gun would ensure a swift and accurate kill.
Turquoise is very dependable health barometer. This stone tends to draw toxins from the body and is likely to fade or darken if you are harbouring disease in your system. I have seen this many times and sometimes the effects are quite dramatic.
A friend of mine suffered from chronic skin inflammations due to an early, life-threatening illness. Whenever a portion of her skin had any problem, her Turquoise ring, which was normally coloured light blue-green, would turn to a dark forest green colour. When the condition cleared up, the ring would return to its original shade.
This stone can also be used to cure illness: the Shoshone Indians use Turquoise and Jade together under water and send prayers to heal a sick mind or body.
Hindu mystics say Turquoise brings wealth if you look at it on the first day after the new Moon. The Navajos have a similar idea (previously mentioned in chapter 7) involving Turquoise and a coyote, a trickster with decidedly lunar tendencies.
Turquoise may be offered in friendship, as the spirit in the stone is quite amiable about transferring allegiance from one person to another.
In general, Turquoise is wonderful for healing, protection and self-definition. This stone really lets you know who you are.

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