Shravana Nakshatra – 1O° 00′ to 23° 20′ Capricorn

The twenty-second nakshatra, Shravana, consists of three stars in the head of the eagle, Aquilla. The stars also form the three footprints of Vishnu, the deity of this nakshatra and preserver of the universe. Lord Vishnu helps us to perceive the truth of manifestation concealed by the world of maya or illusion. This asterism’s power is that of providing connection faamhanana shakti).’ Its natives can li’nk people together by connecting them to their appropriate paths in life. Shravana resides entirely within the sign of Capricorn and is ruled by the Moon. Called “the star of learning,” this lunar mansion is also associated with the goddess of learning, Saraswati. She is called “the flowing one” who brings knowledge, music, and eloquence to humanity.

Shravana is derived from the Sanskrit verb sru which means “to hear” and is symbolized by an ear. It reflects the ability to hear the subtle etheric realms. The cosmic sounds of Krishna’s flute, a bell, or the cosmic OM may be audible to the Shravana native. It represents communication of knowledge that helps us transcend the material world. The importance of oral traditions based on shruti or “hearing” the vibrations and words of wisdom is emphasized here. The Vedas and Vedangas are representations of the knowledge produced in this lunar mansion. The Vedic scholar Dr. David Frawley has his natal Moon placed here. Shravana is also connected with the pipal tree where Buddha attained enlightenment through listening to the voice of the divine within.

Shravana rules positions of worship and service to humanity. A kind and charitable nature is often produced here. Fame and recognition in the world often results. Shravana people are excellent writers and teachers. They are usually very.

active, hard-working and devoted to seeking truth in all of their endeavors. They are usually fond of travel and may spend time living and studying in foreign lands. The Shravana influence makes one want to learn constantly from birth till death. Thus these natives usually have large libraries or study to spend their precious time. Shravana people need much solitude and alone time. They live by the motto that “seclusion is the price of greatness.”

The shadow side of Shravana can be a rigid or obstinate nature. This may be partially due to the influence of Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Shravana people may have many enemies due to issues with jealousy. Shravana people have a tendency toward gossip and listening to others gossip as well. They are sensitive and easily hurt by the opinions of others. They may experience disillusionment early in life as they explore the world of maya. Their primary motivation is artha or prosperity. Once they attain their financial security, they are free to pursue the higher goals of enlightenment and spiritual liberation. They are usually wealthy by mid-life. Shravana also means “the lame” or “one who limps,” which could indicate improving one’s gait with time, experience and patience. Feelings of inferiority are usually overcome with age.

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