Calculation of planetary Dasha periods

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Designation Russian title Sanskrit name Results dashi
Su Sun Surya Dasha Sun
Mo Moon Chandra, Soma Dasha Moon
Ma Mars Mangala, Angarak Dasha of Mars
Me Mercury Budha Dasha Mercury
Ju Jupiter Guru Brihaspati Dasha Jupiter
Ve Venus Shukr Dasha Venus
Sa Saturn Shani Dasha Saturn
Ra Rahu Rahu Dasha Rahu
Ke Ketu Ketu Dasha Ketu


Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Chapter 47

1 Maitreya said. About Maharishi Parashara! You told me about the different types of Dash.Now, please, enlighten me on the results of Dash.

2 Maharishi Parasara replied. O Brahmin! There are two types of effects Dash: general and specific. Natural characteristics of the planets affect the overall results, the distinctive effects are determined by their placement, etc..

3-4. Results planetary periods occur according to the strength of the planets. Effects of the planet, located in the first third of the constellations, start at the beginning of the Dasha.Effects of the planet, located in the second third of the constellation, starting in the middle of Dashi. Effects of the planet, located in the last third of the constellation, felt at the end of Dashi. If a planet is retrograde, time of onset of the results will be in reverse order. Periods of manifestation of the effects of Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde, will always be placed in reverse order.

5-6. The results are favorable, if at the beginning of the ruler of Dashi in the ascendant, in the sign of exaltation (gain), own sign or friendly sign. The results are unfavorable, if the lord of Dashi in the sixth house, in the eighth or twelfth house, in the sign of its debilitation (weakening) or in a hostile Rashi.