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Rasi – Nakshatra Table

Use the following table to find out your janma rasi from your janma nakshatra.

Mesha - Aswini (Asvini)
- Apa Bharani (Barani)
- first quarter of Krittika (Karthigai)
Vrishabha - last three quarters of Krittika (Karthigai) 
- Rohini 
- first half of Mrigasira (Mrigaseersham)
Mithuna - second half of Mrigasira (Mrigaseersham) 
- Ardra (Thiruvadhirai) 
- first three quarters of Punarvasu (Punarpoosam)
Kataka - last quarter of Punarvasu (Punarpoosam) 
- Pushyami (Poosam) 
- Aslesha (Ayilyam)
Simha - Makha (Magham) 
- Poorva Phalguni (Pooram) 
- first quarter of Uttara Phalguni (Uttaram)
Kanya - last three quarters of Uttara Phalguni (Uttaram) 
- Hasta (Hastham) 
- first half of Chitra (Chittirai)
Thula - second half of Chitra (Chittirai) 
- Swati (Swathi) 
- first three quarters of Visakha (Visakham)
Vrischika - last quarter of Visakha (Visakham) 
- Anuradha (Anusham) 
- Jyeshta (Kettai)
Dhanus - Moola (Moolam) 
- Poorvashada (Pooradam) 
- first quarter of Uttarashada (Uttiradam)
Makara - last three quarters of Uttarashada (Uttiradam) 
- Sravana (Thiruvonam) 
- first half of Dhanishta (Avittam)
Kumbha - second half of Dhanishta (Avittam) 
- Satabhishak (Sadhayam) 
- first three quarters of Poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi)
Meena - last quarter of Poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi) 
- Uttarabhadra (Uttiratadhi) 
- Revati (Revathi)





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