WORLDLY BONDAGES AND SALVATION In the eighteen chapter, all the sages requested Suta to explain the meaning of bondages of life and Salvation Suta replied- “Because of the eight types of bondages which a man feels on this earth, the soul is also known as “Jiva”. The Jiva becomes liberated only after becoming free from these eight bondages. These eight bondages are – Nature, Intelligence qualitative- ego and the  Panchatanmatras i.e. Sound, touch, appearance, taste and smell. “Each soul is binded by these eight aspects of the Nature. The actions … Continue reading


IMPORTANCE OF NAIVEDYA AND BILVA-LEAVES Suta then described about the important of Naivedya offered to Lord Shiva. “A devotee gets liberated from all of his sins merely at the sight of the Naivedya, which have been offered to lord Shiva. He attains great virtues by having the Prasada.” A man must not accept the Prasada if the worship have been done under  supervision of a ‘Chandala’, but some of the Shivalingas like Banlinga, Siddhalinga and Swayambhu Linga are exceptions to this rule. The prasada which has been offered to the … Continue reading