SAGES ENQUIRE  Viddyeshwar Samhita which is classified into twenty five chapters, has a  narration in its first chapter which goes as follows-  Once upon a time, the sages were performing a yagya at Prayag kshetra. Sage Suta came to know about this and arrived there. All the sages were very pleased to see him. They requested:-  “Lord! Though we have heard many tales from you regarding the man’s benediction, but today we want to listen to something special. Because in this present era of Kali, when all the castes have … Continue reading


APPROPRIATE PLACE AND TIME FOR WORSHIPPING SHIVA In the Vidyeshwar Samhita of Shiva Purana, describing about the importance of place and time for worship of Shiva says- “Worshipping Shiva at a pure place in a house gives appropriate fruits, while worship done in a cowshed gives virtue, which are ten-times more than the former one. Worshipping Shiva at the banks of a river gives, ten times more virtues than the second one. Worship of Shiva done either in temple, under the basil plant etc. or at the banks of Sapt … Continue reading


THE METHODS OF WORSHIPPING SHIVA On the request of the sages, Suta retold the preaching which had been narrated by Brahma to Narada. Describing the method of Shiva worship he says- “A devotee should get up early in the morning and contemplate on Shiva, who gives benediction. After  that,  he  should  finish  his  daily routing  work  and  perform  rituals  like  ‘Sandhya’  and Vandana  etc.   After  that,   he  should   worship  Shivalinga  according   to   vedic  rites  like Panchopachar, Sodashopachar etc. He should also perform ‘Abhiseka’ with various offerings. At last, the should … Continue reading


SHIVA MAHAPURANA: INTRODUCTION First of all, Sage Shaunak expressed his desire to Suta about knowing the means, which could help a man in this era of Kali to attainment lord Shiva, by cleansing all the impurities of his mind and rectifying his inherent demonic tendencies. Suta then described about Shiva Mahapurana – the supreme of all the Puranas, which was narrated by Lord Shiva himself and which was later on retold by Sage  Vyasa  with the permission of Maharshi Sanatkumar, for the benediction of common man. Suta said, “By understanding … Continue reading