CANCALAKSHMI – (1) A famous prostitute

Once while the prostitute Cancalakshmi (“one with moving eyes”) was waiting in the night for her lover, she was attacked and killed by a leopard (or in another version, a tiger). Following her death both the attendants of Vishnu and Yama came to take her soul. They began to argue. Yama’s servants pointed out the fact that she had sinned throughout her life. Vishnu’s emissaries argued that she had on one occasion in her life gone into a temple to Vishnu and spilled some lime juice on the wall. That … Continue reading

Hasta Nakshatra – 10° 00’to 23° 20’Virgo

The thirteenth nakshatra is named Hasta and resides entirely within the constellation of the Virgin. Symbolized by a hand, Hasta consists of five stars (fingers) corresponding to the constellation of Corvus, the crow. It is observed in the sky as an open hand giving blessings to humanity. The ruling planet is the Moon, with Mercury ruling the sign of Virgo. Thus, a strong mental nature resulting in creative intelligence and good speech can occur. Mercury is exalted in this lunar mansion. Purity of thought and deed with the power of … Continue reading

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra – 26° 40’Leo to 10° 00’Virgo

The twelfth nakshatra, Uttara Phalguni resides in two fixed stars at the tail of the Lion but extends into the constellation of Virgo. Called the “latter reddish one,” it is ruled by the Sun and has a strong Mercury influence in its last three padas. The first pada (3° 20′) is located in Leo, ruled by the Sun, which can bring tremendous opportunities for growdh and creative expansion. The successful movie director Oliver Stone has both his natal Sun and Mercury’ in this pada. This segment of Uttara Phalguni helps … Continue reading

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra – 13° 20′ to 26° 30′ Leo ’

The eleventh lunar mansion resides entirely within the body of Leo the Lion. Called “the former reddish one,” it consists of two stars, Leonis and Zosma, found at the rear flank of the Lion. Purva Phalguni means the “fruit of the tree.” It is also known as Pubba. It is represented by a swinging hammock representing rest and recuperation. Its deity is Bhaga, the God of good fortune and prosperity. Bhaga protects marital happiness and bestows family inheritance. Lord Shiva started on his marriage procession under this star. The Shiva … Continue reading

Magha Nakshatra – 0° 00’to 13° 20’Leo

■ The tenth nakshatra, Magha, resides entirely within the constellation of Leo the Lion. It is composed of a sickle-shaped group of six stars. The brightest is the fixed star Regulus, which is said to be one hundred times as luminous as the Sun. Magha means “the mighty one” or “the great” and is located near the forehead of the Lion. Its symbol is a palanquin, the royal seat upon which the king was carried through the towns he ruled. The ruling planet of Magha is Kelu, with the Sun … Continue reading

Mrigashira Nakshatra – 23° 20′ Taurus to 6° 40′ Gemini

The fifth nakshatra, Mrigashira, is evenly divided within the constellations of Taurus and Gemini. It consists of three faint stars near the head of Orion. This lunar mansion is called “the searching star,” marking the “beginning of a search.” The ruling planet is Mars, reflecting the spiritual warrior searching for truth. The great Vedic astrologer from India Dr. B.V. Raman and his astrologer son Niranjan Babu both have their natal Moons placed in this auspicious asterism. Spiritual intelligence and research abilities are refined here. Mrigashira is considered devic or god-like … Continue reading

Effects of the Antardasha in the Vimshottari Dasha of rahu

1-4. Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom, enthusiasm, cordial relations with the king, happiness from wife and children and increase in property, will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Dasha of Rahu, if Rahu is in Kark, Vrischik, Kanya, or Dhanu and is in Sahaj, Ari, Karm, or Labh, or is yuti with a Yog Karak Grah in his exaltation Rashi. 5-6. There will be danger from thieves, distress from wounds, antagonism with government officials, destruction of kinsmen, distress to wife and children, if Rahu is … Continue reading

THERNADITE Gemstone healing properties

THERNADITE  Gemstone healing properties

Crystal system: Orthorhombic. Cell salt: Sodium sulphate. Colour: White to brownish white or grey. Energy: Magnetic and electric. Element: Earth, fire and water. Planet/sign: Venus/Taurus (exact cell salt equivalent); Sun/Leo; Mars-Pluto/Scorpio. Uses: Thernadite crystal may be used to awaken and balance the throat, heart and belly centres. It is helpful for composing emotional upsets, soothing sore throats and abating heart palpitations due to anxiety. Rub Thernadite crystal in a circular motion on the carotid artery located on the right and left sides of the neck for several minutes to quell … Continue reading

PERIDOT GEMS STONE Healing properties

PERIDOT GEMS STONE Healing properties

Crystal system: Orthorhombic. Cell salt: Magnesium iron silicate. Colour: Yellow-green; dark yellow-green (Olivine). Energy: Electric. Element: Earth and fire. Planet/sign: Venus/Taurus; Sun/Leo; Mars-Pluto/ Scorpio. Uses: Peridot is both a receiver and transmitter of healing energy. It is a helpful agent in clearing emotional and physical congestion. There is a connection between Peridot and the digestive, assimilative and eliminatory systems and it may be used to bring light into the dark, hidden regions of the bowel. While Peridot is strong and resistant, it has been known to sustain damage if the … Continue reading

NEWBERYITE GEMS STONE Healing properties

NEWBERYITE  GEMS STONE Healing properties

Crystal system: Orthorhombic. Cell salt: Magnesium phosphate. Colour: Grey, brown, or colourless. Energy: Electric. Element: Fire. Planet/sign: Sun/Leo (exact cell salt equivalent); Venus-Neptune/Taurus; Mars-Pluto/Scorpio. Uses: Newberyite dissolves old habit patterns and encourages the development of new and constructive thoughts, images and actions. Use this stone to strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood circulation and to relieve pressure on the spine resulting from a back injury.