Tree Pose Asana, Yoga Benefits, Meaning, Variations, Vriksha-asana

Vrksasana Begin in mountain pose. Put weight onto left leg and then lift right foot to the left thigh, toes pointing downwards. Balancing, lift arms up over Table Position head, palms together. Flower the tree by opening the hands and bring arms down to the sides again. Switch sides. Benefits Develops balance and concentration, and tones the leg muscles. Tree Pose What it looks like A tree, a rocket ship.

Boat Pose in Yoga for Beginners, Benefits

Navasana Begin seated with knees bent. Bring arms out straight in front near knees. Use stomach muscles to draw legs in and up. Extend legs out for full position. Benefits Strengthens abdominals. Improves digestion. Tones kidneys. What it looks like A boat with oars, the letter V, a bowl of soup, a train.