These forces require a medium to flow. The primary medium is ‘air’ although they also use water as a medium to some extent.
When we construct a building which may be a house, industry or business center we disturb the harmony which was prevailing earlier. We keep an entry and exit point thus allowing only two directional forces to enter.
It is therefore very important where we keep them because if the door is such that the positive part of the force can gain entry then it will create a positive atmosphere. If we open the door for
negative force then the effect on the inhabitants will be negative.
It is important to recognize thus for a directionai force to move there are two perquisites;
a) It needs a medium
b) It needs a surface
I have already explained how air acts as a medium for the directional forces. Certain types of energies do require a medium for transmission. Take ‘sound’ for example. But for the air surrounding us, we will not be able to hear any one speaking or any sound on earth.
But for some other types of energies a medium is not required. Thus the electromagnetic waves which transmit your TV programs do not need any medium. So also light.

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