Zircon stone Gemstone healing properties

Crystal System: Tetragonal. Cell salt: Zirconium silicate, often with some hafnium. Colour: Grey, brown and green; transparent red (Hyacinth); and colourless or smoky (Jargoon). Energy: Electromagnetic. Element: Fire and earth. Planet/sign: Mars/Aries; Saturn/Capricorn. Uses: This stone helps us synthesize our action so that we become focused to accomplish our goals.

Wulfenite properties Gemstone healing properties

Cell salt: Lead molybdate. Colour: Yellow, orange, brown and yellowish grey. Energy: Electric. Element: Air. Planet/sign: Venus-Neptune/Libra. Uses: Wulfenite stimulates blood circulation and carries light-energy throughout the body-earth. Owing to its high lead content, Wulfenite may be used during meditation to focus healing energy on specific body areas.

Vivianite Gemstone healing properties

Crystal system: Monoclinic. Cell salt: Hydrous phosphate of iron. Colour: Blue, green, or colourless when freshly excavated, but darkens when exposed to light. Energy: Magnetic. Element: Water. Planet/sign: Venus-Neptune/Pisces (exact cell salt equivalent). Uses: Vivianite regulates the delicate endocrine system. It aids us in defending the body-earth against disease by instilling in us a positive mental outlook on life. This stone may be useful for treating severe depression and as a preventative medicine when the body is threatened by illness as a result of long-term, negative mental and emotional state … Continue reading

Turquoise gemstone healing properties

Crystal system: Triclinic. Cell salt: Hydrous basic phosphate of copper and aluminium, with some iron. Colour: Sky blue, blue-green, apple-green, pale green and streak white. Energy: Magnetic. Element: Earth and air. Planet/sign: Venus-Neptune/Libra. Uses: Native Americans from New Mexico and Arizona carve Turquoise into animal shapes such as frogs, birds, squirrels, bears, coyotes and even porpoises and whales. The fetishes are usually strung together on a necklace and worn as a protective amulet. Turquoise is also a strong talisman for the hunter. A Turquoise tied to gun would ensure a … Continue reading

WATERMELON TOURMALINE Gemstone healing properties

  WATERMELON TOURMALINE will work to heal any situation where extreme conflict is a factor, as the combined pink and green colouration shows us how opposites work together in harmony to achieve beautiful result. Use this stone to anticipate which direction a particular situation is going to take, so that you may act accordingly. Watermelon Tourmaline has a strong affinity for green and growing things and is useful for inspiring a deep, abiding reverence for the natural beauty of the Earth.

Rubellite tourmaline Gemstone healing properties

RUBELLITE stimulates the will, the instincts and the memory. It can put us in touch with past life experiences, thus enabling us to better understand our motivations in this lifetime. It works to heal disturbing emotional influences that rise to the surface with no apparent cause. Large rubellite crystal formations may be kept in well-trafficked areas of homes where physical, verbal, or mental abuse is a common occurrence.

Elbaite tourmaline Gemstone healing properties

ELBAITE crystallizes in both green and pink stones. The green crystal soothes an overly dynamic temperament, stimulates creativity and rejuvenates the body-earth. The pink stones enhance affection in difficult relationships and will help you to accept and love yourself. Pink or green Elbaite Tourmaline combined with Rose Quartz and set in silver is an excellent gift for lovers, life-mates, or close friends who need to rekindle love in their relationship.

THERNADITE Gemstone healing properties

Crystal system: Orthorhombic. Cell salt: Sodium sulphate. Colour: White to brownish white or grey. Energy: Magnetic and electric. Element: Earth, fire and water. Planet/sign: Venus/Taurus (exact cell salt equivalent); Sun/Leo; Mars-Pluto/Scorpio. Uses: Thernadite crystal may be used to awaken and balance the throat, heart and belly centres. It is helpful for composing emotional upsets, soothing sore throats and abating heart palpitations due to anxiety. Rub Thernadite crystal in a circular motion on the carotid artery located on the right and left sides of the neck for several minutes to quell … Continue reading