A major vaastu defect can arise in the following cases whether it is an apartment or independent building or an office.

1. Entry door or exit door in
a. Northwest of North,
b. East of Southeast,
c. West Of Southwest and
d. South of Southwest.
2. Toilets in Southwest corner or northeast corner of the house.
3. Attached toilets in the Northeast or Southwest of the bed room.
4. Entry door facing lift or staircase.
In all the above cases a negative energy field spreads out and fills the structure. The effect of these defects are as under:
1. Entry door in North of Northwest- financial loss, litigation, misunder-standings, becomes a victim of cheating.
2. Entry door in East of Southeast – Accidents, Fires, surgeries, matrimonial discard.
3. Entry door in West of Southwest- Tight finances, Health of Male affected.
4. Entry door in South of Southwest- Tight Finances, health of senior female member affected.
5. Toilet in Southwest Corner of the house – Heart problems/losing money
6. Toilet in Northeast corner of the house – Sickness/poverty
7. Toilet in Southwest corner of attached toilet -Heart attack
8. Toilet in Northeast corner of bed room – Chronic illness
9. Entry door facing lift /stairs- every problem gets magnified.
In all these cases an Energy Threshold is a satisfactory solution to solve the problem.
The threshold is a plastic box done with teakwood color. It comes in Lengths of 24’’,30”and 36” to suit different size doors. If there is threshold it is fixed in front of the door to serve as a threshold. If there is a threshold already then this threshold is placed either above it or by its side. A little MSEAL is used to fix it in place.
The energy threshold holds different crystals under pressure so that a continuous energy gets liberated from its surface. This effectively bars the negative energy be it from the toilet or the wrong direction of the main door entering the structure.
Price : Rs.3000.00 any where in India
including postage.
SIZE : 3” x 2” X 24” or 30” or 36”
Thickness : About two inches
Weight : 500 Gms
For more details contact author. i—i

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