Dhanishtha Nakshatra – 23° 20′ Capricorn to 6° 40′ Aquarius

The twenty-third lunar mansion, Dhanishtha consists of a small group of four stars located in the head of Delphinus, the Dolphin. Half of the nakshatra resides in Capricorn the Sea-Goat and the remaining half in Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Dhanishtha is called “the star of symphony” with its symbol being a musical drum. The drum is Lord Shiva’s musical instrument of time, called a mridranga or tabla. Usually, a love of music and talent in singing or reciting chants can be observed here. There is great wealth as well as difficult marital karma found in this lunar mansion. Both Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe had their natal Moon residing here.

The deities of this nakshatra are the eight Vasus, the solar gods of energy and light. The Vasus are the deities of the Earth that give abundance on the material plane. Vasu means “good,” “benefic” or “light” and reflects high virtues and a charitable nature. The eight Vasus are: Pratyusa (Sun), Soma (Moon), Dhara (Earth), Anala (Fire), Apa (Space), Anila (Wind), Prabhasa (Sky), and Dhruva (Nakshatras). Their power is to give abundance and fame (khyapayitri shakti).6

Dhanishtha people possess the gifts, of insight, listening, and perception of truth. Dhanishtha can give great spiritual depth and occult knowledge. Its natives can be liberal in thought and unify others in a common cause. Universal sympathy and compassion can be experienced here. There is a strong and adventurous nature due to the ruling planet Mars, the spiritual warrior. The planet Mars is also exalted here. Its animal symbol is a courageous female lion. Dhanishtha people can gain great fame and recognition. They are able to bring their resources together. In this way it builds upon the connections created in Shravana and makes them more practical. Their fortunes are usually found away from home.

The shadow side of Dhanishtha is a materialistic bent. If afflicted, Dhanishtha people can strive to acquire everything for themselves. They can become overly ambitious, greedy, stingy or covetous of others’ good fortunes. A tendency toward selfabsorption and narcissism may result. Due to the Mars ruler-ship, the Dhanishtha person can be ruthless, inconsiderate, heartless and revengeful. This lunar mansion is rakshasic or demonic in nature. Trouble or delays in marriage are often seen with women with their natal Moon placed here. An aloof disposition and arrogant nature can result. Because Satum rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius where this nakshatra resides, patience and perseverance milst be cultivated to help the individual through difficult trials in early life. People with their natal Moon in Dhanishtha will experience the Mars and Rahu dasas in their early childhood and adolescence.


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